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At Zavesky Consulting we specialise in designing and delivering strategic communication and media training, based on our highly practical and effective methodology. What we offer:

Media Spokesperson - Beginner
Media Spokesperson – Advanced / Refresher
Understanding the Media
Pitching to the Media
Crisis Media Management
CEO / Leadership Communication
High Impact Communication
Presentation Skills - Beginner
Presentation Skills – Advanced / refresher
Public Speaking Mastery Through Mindfulness * NEW COURSE *
Strategic Message Development

Based on your needs we can deliver training and coaching in a variety of formats.

Small group workshops
One-on-one training
CEO leadership coaching
Large group media awareness
Board presentations
Over the phone pre-interview preparation


For most people doing a media interview is daunting. While it can present a great opportunity, there are risks if you are not well prepared. This workshop guides participants through the five essential steps to successfully preparing and delivering safe and strategic media interviews.

  •  How the media operates
  • Planning interviews
  • Preparing your media messages
  • Tackling the tough questions
  • Managing nerves

Participants will conduct practice interviews with a journalist and receive a DVD copy of their interviews and a comprehensive workbook.

Workshop duration: 1-2 participants 4 hour workshop, 3 participants 6 hour workshop, 4-5 participants 8 hour workshop.

“This course has given me the confidence to interact with the media on a more confident level. I enjoyed the practical experience which helps me understand what is required when interviews are requested.” Myra Quartermaine, Rabobank

Please contact us for further information.

SPOKESPERSON TRAINING – Advanced / Refresher

Master your media performance in this advanced workshop. As the media spokesperson everything you say and do influences journalists’ perceptions of you and your organisation. Using the Zavesky Consulting methodology, each participant receives individualised feedback and coaching to maximise their media impact. Ideal as an annual refresher or ahead of a major announcement or sensitive issue.

  • Anticipating media angles, hooks and opportunities
  • Strategically planning interviews
  • Delivering powerful quotable quotes
  • Taking control of the interview
  • Converting corporate message into compelling stories
  • Creating the right impression (non-verbal communications)

Participants will conduct practice interviews with a journalist and will receive a DVD copy of their interviews and a comprehensive workbook.

Workshop duration: 1-3 participants 4 hour, 4-5 participants 8 hour

Please contact us for further information.


Get behind the headlines and deadlines and see your issues or organisation through the media lens.

In this workshop we demystify the media and give you the tools, technique and insights to work with them more effectively. This course can be customised as professional development for your communications team or for other staff who generate or approve media content.

  • What is newsworthy and what is not
  • Learn the different needs of TV / radio / online / print
  • The impact of the news cycle and media deadlines
  • The basics of media messaging
  • Do’s and don’ts of dealing with the media

This content can delivered in various formats including large groups (3-4 hours), customised workshops or tailored as a short presentation.

Please contact us for further information.


Gone are the days of sending the same PDF media release to every journalist. Gaining media exposure requires strategic planning, tailored angles, content generation and skilful, targeted pitching.

This workshop uncovers how journalists plan their stories so you can prepare and pitch your ideas more skilfully. From writing media releases to developing relevant angles, it also offers many practical techniques for optimising your media engagement.

  • Story mapping: learn how journalists formulate stories
  • Delivering the right media assets
  • Honing your pitch: verbal and written
  • Using key words in media releases
  • Effective online media rooms

We can customise this workshop based on your requirements. Participants prepare and practise media pitching with a journalist and receive a workbook.

"Sharon's a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter, and the small group did mean the content was able to be tailored to our individual situations. I got a lot out of it.”  Vicki Forbes, Communication Manager, Inspire Foundation

Please contact us for further information.


Are you and your organisation ready for the media barrage if the unthinkable happens?

We offer a range of crisis media training to ensure your organisation is ready before a critical incident occurs and the news cameras are rolling.  Your communication, operations and executive teams can be ready, able and confident to front the media and protect your reputation. Our step-by-step methodology details how the media handles a crisis and how your organisation can be prepared.

  • Understanding how the media reports a crisis
  • Structuring crisis messaging
  • Site logistics
  • Aligning crisis communication plans with crisis response procedures
  • Crisis spokesperson training
  • Desktop and simulated exercises
  • Post-incident debrief

This content can be delivered in a range of formats including board presentations, large group awareness, executive coaching, professional development for communications teams and also comprehensive training.

“Brilliant program. The structure around crisis management will be invaluable and the practical component was great for identifying where our strengths and weaknesses are.” Caroline Power, AB Food & Beverages

Please contact us for further information.


As a leader the impression you make is as important as your professional achievements.

We provide customised, one-on-one coaching programs for business leaders seeking to develop their internal and/or external communication. We offer a tailored approach for executives to enhance their communication style.

  • Analyst briefings
  • AGMs
  • Conference presentations
  • Parliamentary committee hearings
  • Corporate television and video

Generally we recommend 2-3 x 3 hour sessions.

"In the lead up to most major announcements, I arrange some time with Sonia to make sure I land the right messages in the right way. Sonia’s strategic thinking and approach ensured I was on the front foot when dealing with the media and other key stakeholders. This is valuable training for any senior executive."  Matt Baxby, Managing Director Virgin Money Australia

Please contact us for further information.


Communicating effectively is an essential business skill. The High Impact Communications course will help you improve your professional success by strengthening your ability to communicate clearly and strategically.

  • Learn persuasive communication techniques
  • Refine your ability to listen
  • Make your messages strategic and memorable
  • Enhance your personal communication style
  • Negotiate difficult conversations effectively
  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback (optional module)

This practical course will benefit people in any line of work who use communication as a business tool including:

  • Customer service teams
  • Sales staff
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Communications and marketing teams

Content can be delivered in a range of formats to suit you. These include team presentations, one-on-one coaching and training workshops.

Please contact us for further information.


Standing up and speaking in front of a group can be terrifying. This training offers you a step-by-step approach to preparing, structuring and confidently delivering your presentation, be it to a staff meeting or an industry conference. We offer a tailored approach to enable participants to build both competence and confidence.

  • Planning your presentation
  • Structuring your content
  • Managing nerves
  • Handling questions

We offer a flexible training program ranging from a half-day to full-day workshops, depending in your needs and the number of participants. One-on-one pre-event coaching is also available (2 hour session).

Please contact us for further information.


Ensure your presentations are engaging, persuasive and strategic. This practical training offers tools and techniques to enhance your confidence and delivery, and ensure you hit the mark with your audience. Enhance your performance through guided planning, practice and feedback.

  • Engaging your audience 
  • Delivering powerful, memorable content
  • Making the right impression
  • Presenting in various formats i.e: webcast, conference, staff meetings etc
  • Effective use of Powerpoint and support material

This 4 hour master class is for 1-2 participants.

Please contact us for further information.


Imagine being at ease for an important presentation.

Public Speaking Mastery Through Mindfulness is a comprehensive, one-on-one training program drawing on neuroscience and proven mindfulness techniques. This program incorporates our Presentation Skills methodology which develops your ability to efficiently design and deliver strategic presentations.

Run over 12 hours this program will provide you with tools and techniques to help shift your fears, build your confidence and fine-tune your performance.

  • Switch from a negative to a positive mindset 
  • Develop a strategic approach to planning your presentation
  • Learn how to structure highly engaging presentations 
  • Improve your vocal delivery
  • Manage nerves and your inner critic
  • Optimise body language to make the right impression
  • Incorporate visuals and support material effectively
  • Skilfully manage questions from the audience 

Our trainer Sharon Longridge is a former award winning ABC broadcaster. A sought after trainer for journalists, she also designs workplace wellness program based on mindfulness. Sharon is known for her energetic and supportive approach in the training room where she readily builds rapport as a trusted trainer and coach.

Who would most benefit?
This professional development opportunity is suitable for anyone needs to  speaking in front of an audience, from team meetings to keynote  presentations. This program can be tailored to meet your specific training needs.

"A spoon bent before my very eyes and within weeks I was up on stage more prepared, more confident and ultimately performing better than I had ever done. This program employs a unique blend of strategic thinking, superb training and people skills."  Dave Gravina, CEO Digital Eskimo

Please contact us for further information.


You’ve invested significant time and resources in preparing a new product, major announcement or campaign. Now prepare effective and persuasive messages for your key stakeholders, including the media. During this facilitated session participants will identify key audiences and practise clear, concise and strategic storytelling.

  • Analysing key stakeholders
  • Determining tangible outcomes
  • Converting corporate message into compelling stories
  • Optional: media messages development and rehearsal

As a guide: 1-2 x half-day workshops depending on the number of participants, the number of stakeholders and the complexity of your issue. 

Please contact us for further information.


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